Race to Recovery

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Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the Race to Recovery.  I had a great time doing the photography for this event!  

Here is the link to view the rest of the pictures:

I am happy to supply pictures to those who email me their selections.  Each image has a number on it.  Simply email me the numbers of the pictures you would like at rachel@lockstudios.com, and I will send you a digital file of the images!




Our first Senior in the new loft space

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I couldn’t have picked a better one to start with!  Emily was great fun to photograph.  She is just busting with natural beauty and a real joy to be with. I loved getting to know her and her wonderful family a little better.    img_9285-edit.jpg img_9256-edit.jpg  img_0123-edit-2.jpg  img_9410-editn.jpg  

. . .and I will live forever

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I love this commercial!  Everything about it is so sweet and true.  My favorite part is how the old man cherishes the picture of his wife.  It’s just a plain old snapshot, but to him it is priceless artwork.  Gets me every time.

Sweet, sweet baby

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Nothing is sweeter than a baby.  Except maybe two babies!  Here is Madison and Emerson sitting pretty for their one year portraits.  They were so darling in their custom made tutu’s!  They wandered happily around the downtown loft while I snapped their portraits.  They loved to look out the huge windows at the traffic in the city streets below.  Little did they know that their fun day would soon come to an end, as they were wisked away to the doctor for their one year shots!  Ouch.  Creative momma brought along some gerber daisies, which always photograph very well for children and babies.  Happy birthday, sweet baby girls!   img_9477.jpg  Not so sure about letting go of momma img_9524.jpg   look down there!  Cars! img_9703-edit.jpg   time for a break! img_9606-edit-edit.jpg and another break! img_9618-edit-edit.jpg